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Free shipping for orders over 200 US dollor, orders will be shipping in 48 hours, 30 days rights of withdrawal.
Learn the Motion Sensor Function in the LED Lighting

Learn the Motion Sensor Function in the LED Lighting

lamp is designed by using imported technology MCU circuit, active infrared working mode, with good stability, strong anti-interference and other characteristics, with infrared decoding mode, widely used in high requirements of commercial and industrial and other occasions. It is a new generation of green energy-saving lighting fixtures.

Can automatically turn on the lighting, people can automatically delay closing after leaving, put an end to the artificial waste of energy, prolong the service life of electrical appliances and set energy saving, convenient security in one of the functions, induction head diameter 21mm, sensing distance 0-5m sensing angle: 120 ° Load: 40W (bulb Working voltage: 220V Operating frequency: 50HZ delay range 0.5min-5min toilet, bathroom, elevator hall, etc.).

1, based on infrared technology of automatic control products, when someone enters the switch sensing range, the special sensor detects the change of the infrared spectrum of the human body, the switch automatically turns on the load. People do not leave and in the activity, the switch continues to turn on; after the person leaves, the switch delay automatically closes the load, the person to the light on, the person away from the light off, kind and convenient, safe and energy-saving.
2. With zero crossing detection function: no contact electronic switch, prolonging the service life of the load.
3. Apply photosensitive control, switch automatic metering, and do not sense when the light is strong.
4. Electricity saving: One ladder and two households are calculated, and the average annual electricity fee of households is less than 2.00 yuan
5. Security: the use of infrared induction technology, no sound, no need to touch, to ensure that people to the light without dark area, effectively improve the modern residential community living and security quality.
6. Beautiful: elegant and pleasing design, very convenient installation, improve the taste of the community,
7. Reliability of induction: Due to the use of thyristor lines, the reliability is very high, and the number of induction work is almost infinite, in the same kind of products is the best electronic circuit, other light source of electronic circuit board is used relay, the number of uses is clearly defined, and directly affected by the quality of the relay, more prone to line failure.

Long service life of the light source: due to the use of incandescent lamps, there is no mutual disturbance of electronic lines, the service life of incandescent lamps is significantly extended, up to more than 2 years, while other light sources, such as electronic energy-saving lamps, ring lamps, due to the existence of mutual disturbance factors, repeated use, very easy to blacken, resulting in the scrapping of the lamp, the general service life is only about 6 months,

The use of high-quality all-plastic lamp plate, not easy to deform / discoloration / damage, transportation is extremely convenient.

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