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What are the Changes in Intelligent Lighting Industry?

Changes in the Intelligent Lighting Industry: Focus On User Needs And Adhere To People-oriented

In recent years, with the deep integration of AIoT technology and smart home, as well as consumers' diversified and personalized needs for lighting, smart lighting has increasingly become the future development trend of the lighting industry. However, while seeing the market space continues to increase, many phenomena and problems in the intelligent lighting industry need to be further solved and adjusted...

With the development of network technology and communication technology and the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for improving the home environment and comfort are getting higher and higher, and smart lighting is favored by many consumers. Therefore, major lighting manufacturers have deployed the smart lighting market one after another, and launched smart lighting products in cooperation with ecological chains such as Huawei, Ali, Baidu, Xiaomi, and Tuya Smart. With the gradual implementation of intelligent applications in different scenarios, intelligent lighting will become an inevitable trend in the future.

New look of intelligent lighting products
At present, in order to better meet the user experience and industry standards, smart lighting manufacturers are actively adjusting product ideas, carrying out further optimization and innovation, and launching more new products one after another, showing a new atmosphere in the entire smart lighting market.

Industry standards and user needs have always been the optimization direction of lighting products. Shenzhen Biyi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Biyi") has been focusing on the development of smart lighting chips, and has continued to launch new products. So far, dozens of products have been used in smart bulbs, ceiling lights, In products such as light strips, more new products will be launched one after another this year. In addition to higher system integration and more peripheral savings, these products have been optimized in terms of standby, energy efficiency, stroboscopic index, dimming smoothness, and dimming depth to meet more stringent industry standard requirements and terminal Users' continuous pursuit of light quality.

In addition, helping excellent products quickly land has also become the customer service goal of relevant lighting manufacturers. Shenzhen E-Track Technology Co., Ltd. ("E-Track Technology") plans to launch 11 microwave radar products for the lighting field this year, including modules, DC sensors, radar switches and integrated power products, focusing on engineering lighting and professional Product application in the field of lighting. The overall idea of this year's products is to improve the product power of subdivided product applications, to achieve comprehensive advantages such as high cost performance, ease of use, and good experience, and to help customers quickly implement excellent products.

The product range continues to expand. The reporter also learned that Shenzhen Lanhe Lighting Co., Ltd. has promoted a variety of products in the field of smart photos . In addition, Silan Micro is developing smart lighting driver solutions for T-tubes, downlights, track lights, street lights, etc., as well as high-power flicker-free smart lighting driver IC solutions. It is believed that products of various categories will be available for the market in the near future.

Intelligent lighting should return to the essence: people-oriented
In the past few years, the intelligent lighting industry has flourished, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. In 2020, it has formed a market size of 100 billion yuan, representing a new direction for the development of the industry.

Wang Xiaojia believes that the development of the lighting industry seems to be the progress of science and technology, but in fact it still has to return to the essence of lighting: people-oriented. All the processing of light is to make people feel better, such as a more comfortable environment, a better atmosphere, creating a healthier light environment, etc. The purpose is to improve people's quality of life.

It can be seen that human's yearning for a better life has boosted the vigorous development of the entire industry to a certain extent. Coincidentally, Leng Xiong also said that in the future intelligent lighting system architecture design, we must adhere to the people-oriented concept, such as allowing custom lighting conditions in home lighting to improve residents' sleep, productivity and comfort, etc. aspect design.

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